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$50m. MunicH re re•in•sur•ance: a Basic Guide To Facultative and Treaty reinsurance. Such factors influence an Insurer to limit its own retention and to effect Reinsurance. The ceding company has the option to offer an individual Non Proportional RI is basically a method of reinsurance through which the reinsured obtains protection for his portfolio. 5 reinsurance concePTs. CHAPTER 3:TYPES OF REINSURANCE CONTRACTS: FACULTATIVE REINSURANCE . $4m. Dec 2, 2008 Life Reinsurance. 1. Case Study Feedback. – Proportional. Proportional. If there are several risks or contracts that needed to be reinsured, each one must be negotiated separately. Aggregate Losses / Size of the Risk, its Occupation & Premium; Accumulation of RisksPremium. Stop Loss Contracts. $5m. Traditionally the basic role of reinsurance is to offer protection against the above risks. Under a treaty reinsurance arrangement all risks that are defined to be object of the agreement are ceded automatically to the reinsurer, and the reinsurer agrees to accept all those risks. Excess of Loss. There are essentially two types of reinsurance arrangements: Facultative Reinsurance reinsurance transacted on an individual risk basis. 3 reinstatements. The ceding company has the option to offer an individual Dec 2, 2008 Excess of Loss Contracts - Basics. Companies. Methods of Reinsurance. separate reinsurance contract negotiated Reinsurance Contract Types; Data Grouping Dimensions; Differences Between Reinsurance and Primary that affect Loss Reserving; Applications, Complications, and Considerations. Responds when a loss, group of losses, or a loss ratio exceeds a set figure; Reinsurer's relative participation is NOT pre-determined, but depends on the size of the loss or loss ratio; Examples: Per Risk, Per Occurrence, Aggregate. Oct 16, 2013 Presented By the IADC Insurance and Reinsurance Committee. Non Proportional. Session 4. Insurance. Stop Loss /. NON PROPORTIONAL. $10m. Types of Reinsurance. Definitions and Types of Contract. On a facultative. . Mechanics of the Cover. We trust that this brief introduction to reinsurance will allow the reader not to lose sight of the essence of this business and that it will . $40m. Areas of application . . Facultative and Treaty. Reinsurers help insurance providers avoid financial ruin in case a. Finite Reinsurance. Mar 19, 2009 Types of reinsurance agreements. $30m. Nov 30, 2015 Below are some of the major types of reinsurance policies. METHODS OF REINSURANCE. – Non-Proportional. Facultative. 1 reinstatement. • “follow the fortunes”. Excess Reinsurance. Facultative Coverage This type of policy protects an insurance provider only for an individual, or a specified risk, or contract. Generally speaking, this type of policy reduces the losses sustained by insurance companies by allowing them to recover all, or part, of the amounts they pay to claimants. • Fixed portion of risk accepted. Pro rata arrangements. Others. Excess of Loss Contracts. Aggregate XL. 2. Introduction & Overview. $20m. Welcome! The Webinar will begin promptly at 12:00 pm lower-right-hand corner of the screen if you would like to download a copy of this PowerPoint presentation. Supervisory Issues. Reinsurance Market. Reinsurance. 8. $3m xs $1m. $1m. Disadvantages of this method of proportional reinsurance 59. • Premium and claims shared in the same proportions. 5. There is no pre-decided fixed proportion in which the reinsurer and reinsured share the premiums and losses of a portfolio. Size of the Risk, its Occupation & Premium; Accumulation of RisksPremium. Catastrophe Insurance. Other. Case study – Round 2. Session 3. Overview – Types Of Facultative Reinsurance. Most reinsurance contracts are either automatic treaty or facultative. $3m. certain group or class of business reinsured under a single contract; Obligatory nature – if it “fits” the contract it must be ceded, and accepted. Session 1. Accident Year vs Underwriting Year (or “Losses Occurring” vs “Risks Attaching” or “Policies Incepting”) Reinsurance Contract Types. Securitization. Hence this is called “Non Proportional”. These methods are also called “Excess Reinsurance. The reinsurer Reinsurance is basically a form of coverage intended for insurance providers. • Quota Share. Failure of Reinsurance. 4. Profitability of Portfolio; Reinsurance Programme used; Market Forces and Reinsurance Capacity available. Data Grouping Dimensions. $2m. Reinsurance. Treaty

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