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gamespot. However, if I were to make a prediction then I think we will be hearing of more AAA game cancellations before long. . Indeed, Microsoft can scrub Scalebound trailers from its YouTube channel, but as Captain James T. ign. The official Scalebound Game coming to an Xbox One. The budgets to develop and market a modern console game have now far Jan 9, 2017 UPDATE (3:36pm): Microsoft confirmed this afternoon that Scalebound is no more. Jun 16, 2017 Scalebound was one of the highest profile cancellations of the past year. Jan 10, 2017 The good news is that Scalebound footage is still plentiful on developer Platinum Games' YouTube page. The Hideki Kamiya, PlatinumGames high octane character action title was announced over a year ago, but elected to skip E3 2015 in favor of Gamescom. Their statement to Kotaku and other press:Jun 14, 2016Aug 4, 2015Jun 13, 2016Jun 13, 2016courtesy of IGNhttp://www. com/articles/everything-we-knew-about-scalebound/1100-6446831Jan 11, 2017 Microsoft announced on January 9 that Scalebound, Platinum Games' Xbox One and PC-exclusive action game, has been canceled. Yes I think Scalebound will be very ambitious and amazing. @christolus. Jan 11, 2017 Microsoft announced on January 9 that Scalebound, Platinum Games' Xbox One and PC-exclusive action game, has been canceled. tinyurl. Aug 6, 2015 xbox, xbox360, xbox 360, Xbox One, Scalebound, Scalebound gameplay, Gamescom 2015, Xbox, Gamescom (Conference Series) First gameplay footage of at Gamescom 2015. I'm mostly pleased with how it's shaping up, and the combat system is already better than FFXV's Aug 7, 2015 Scalebound is Platinum Game's newest hack and slash RPG with a special focus on a creature that has captured the imagination of generatio. ask. Not sure if im digging the whole dmc dude bro thing. This and Tomb Raider are my most anticipated games from Xbox E3 2015, can't wait to see them next month. Aug 4, 2015 See our exclusive first-ever gameplay footage of Xbox One's exclusive dragon-riding action title from renowned studio Platinum Games. com/videos/2015/08/04/scalebound-8-minute-extended-gameplay-demo-ign-firstLooks intersting. Since the announcement, Microsoft has removed all Scalebound trailers and footage from its Xbox YouTube channel, effectively erasing the game from its history. Subscribe for more from Scalebound at Gamescom 2015! http://www. However, as time went on, footage and news stories Aug 4, 2015 Microsoft took the stage of their Xbox Briefing to show off Scalebound. Here's the first gameplay footage from Scalebound, the new Xbox One exclusive game from Bayonetta developer Platinum Games. Kirk once said, Nov 3, 2015 Given comments from Kamiya, I pretty much knew that Scalebound wasn't going to be another small-scale mission-based game like DMC, and it was apparent from the first trailer that it would take elements from Monster Hunter. com/  Everything We Knew About Scalebound - GameSpot www. The footage shows quite a bit of gameplay footage that looks somewhat similar Jan 10, 2017 That said, from the footage that was released in August of 2015 the game did appear to have rather generic combat. com/Scalebound May 26, 2015 Can't wait to see it action myself and Hideki Kamiya is great creative director, I'm sure Scalebound won't disappoint. com/youtube?q=scalebound+footage&v=U_MZ-MmyIbU Aug 4, 2015 Scalebound Gameplay Demo: 5 Minutes of Scalebound Gameplay From Gamescom 2015. Plus there's some neat videos of it on our nifty Eurogamer YouTube channel. For more on Scalebound visit: http://Xbox. Platinum Games' dragon-based action game captured the imaginations of gamers around the world when it was first announced at E3 2014, before the launch of the Xbox One. Scalebound Gameplay Demo - 5 Minutes of Scalebound Gameplay www