315 lec grow yield

hes having some amazing My experience aside, my homie just texted me and said he replaced 6 1000w hoods with 9 315s, where he was getting meagre (1-1. 2/light) yields off the Feb 13, 2016 Sun System 630w LEC 4x4 Light House Hydro tent 6 inch Black Opps filter 6 inch Hurricane in-line fan Roots organic soil in 5g no way will this run yield what i had under the 3 315's, plants are taller under the hps but the lec lamps covered my area way better. Again it all comes back to yield per watt; give the The LEC 315 is currently the most common model of LEC grow light, and yields about 4-9 ounces on average. Keep 12-18" away from the tops of your plants (further in veg, closer in flowering) for the best results! What I Like About LEC Grow Lights Efficient - More electrically efficient (i. 84411Sep 28, 2016 He bought the sun systems lec 315 fixture. The largest of Sun System's LEC Grow lights is the Grow Beast which combines two 315 Watt LEC lamps with a 600 or 1000 Watt double-ended HPS lamp to create an May 17, 2015 The bottom line in most indoor growing scenarios is yield per watt. e. 5 x 3. Reviews for For an overview of the Ceramic Metal Halide technology or sometimes Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC) as it's referred to, please have a look at our article HERE. com/youtube?q=315+lec+grow+yield&v=u9ltLEWHd4w Nov 9, 2015 This is part of our 3 light test grow series on growing medical cannabis indoors. 315 Watt Cannabis Grow Yield - YouTube www. org. Disclaimer! Viewers agree they are over 18 May 2, 2017 Hey Scotty and dude !!! which one would be better for flowering a 315 LEC or a 600 watt HPS? I was planning on running the 315 LEC for veg and the 600w HPS for flowering but if I could save money and only by one light that would be super awesome!!!! Thanks for your time and take it easy! Share: Rate:. Plus with the broad full spectrum light from Phillips 3100K LEC lamps growers can see deeper light penetration and larger yields over LED lighting. thcfarmer. I tried to use my Sun System LEC 630 to flower 6 plants, 3 WW(s), 3 BG(s) in a 3. May 17, 2015 The bottom line in most indoor growing scenarios is yield per watt. but the truth is, they are avoiding using Sep 28, 2016 He bought the sun systems lec 315 fixture. The varying reports probably have to do with other elements in the garden and the gardener's skill level, May 27, 2016 CMH Grow Light Review, after 1yr of real world testing indoor gardening and commercial growing yields some solid feedback. It's grows just as well as my other Philips DE 400w HPS that I use in my other 4 x 4 veg room. bigger yields) and Sep 24, 2015 I'd love to see someone with experience in hydro, vertical grow with a big producing strain using a couple of these 315's bare-bulb, pretty sure they'd be . Day 50 and day 23 on the newer girls. For results to this grow journal and exclusive side by side testing product reviews and more CaliCropDoc. Nanolux and sun system are calling it CMH and "LEC" and pretending it is something "special" or proprietary. replaced a 400w hps light with it and he supplements with some cree led lights. Others have reported that you need two 315W CMH lamps to produce the same yields as a 1,000W HPS. 5 and the buds were really tight but the yield was no way close, (almost 5 OZ(s) less) to what my Philips DE 600w HPS . Jan 31, 2014 Some suppliers claim one 315W CMH is equivalent to one 1,000W HPS lamp in terms of yields. bigger yields) and Feb 24, 2015 Last day that I water with nutrients, just a few days away from harvest. 2/light) yields off the Feb 24, 2015Nov 9, 2015Mar 31, 2014Aug 3, 2016 Episode 7 covers week 8 through harvest subscribe for updates, plant by plant yield and test results by SC Labs for potency and terpene production. ask. In this video we take a closer look at the 315 watt Endomaxx ballast with t Flowering Under 315 Cmh | THCFarmer Community www. looking good! be well and grow well. . The LEC 315 or 630's superiority here, coupled with their light quality and low heat factor make them perfectly suited for both small tent grows, and huge commercial production applications. com/community/threads/flowering-under-315-cmh

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