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We offer an excellent combination of high quality and low prices on the route between Ostrava and Pilsen. On selected routes you can choose between Economy and Business class. Discounted price for the other passengers - 20 CZK/h for Economy a Business class. MORE Ostrava - Pilsen. There is a WiFi connection, air conditioning, toilet, newspapers and a steward on board. UBER UBER pick-up point just next to LE LEO Express buses are an integral part of our transport network. BIKESHARING - REKOLA A bicycle rack in front of our ticket office. Your car will be presented at the station to continue your journey seamlessly. On the LEO Express connections serves fresh Nespresso coffee, tea, water and snacks. Enjoy comfortable seats, high quality coffee, refreshments and friendly drivers. Service on board. On selected routes there is also our on-board staff ready to help you. Obtain a 10% discount as a LEO Express customer for renting a car at Sixt in Prague, Olomouc and Ostrava. FREE ON BOARD: Bottled waterCar rental. Free parking lots just next to LE platform 1b, departure of LEO Express trains, for customers in Premium class with a return ticket. 2017 © LEO EXPRESS - moderní a bezpečné cestování NAHORU