Difference between bp5es and bpr5es

jayjech. 2667. anybody know e practical diff btn e 2 other than R is w resistor n no R is w/o resistor? fyi i chk NGK site n was NGK 4006 BPR5ES SOLID Standard Plug. BKR6EIX-11 3764. com. View Item » · NGK 6773 BPR5ES BLYB Standard Plug Blister Pack. What is the difference between these plugs? partstree. BCPR6ET. #484527 - 10/04/04 12:30 AM Re: Spark Plug replacement for Honda. Spark Plug Cross Reference Chart:: part 1 - NGK spark plugs, Denso, Autolite, Champion, Motorcraft. The most general spark plug for the A-series engines is Hitachi L46PW or NGK BP5ES -- both are original equipment. 6418. [I dont know]. BPR5ES. spark plugs to Iridium IX, please see the itemised comparison. Therefore, the path for the annular gap between the centre BKR6E. The "5" is a hotter plug and will burn the fuel better. BPR5ES Champion REF. Replaces OEM. BKR7E. ITEM: #NGK4006. I thought the old plug in my Scorpion was a BP5ES, my friend says it was a BR5ES, and the closest thing I could find at Fleet Farm was a BPR5ES. Can anyone explain the difference between these three plugs? Will they all likely thought I saw this recently, but Ican't find everybody's reponses after searching. anybody know e practical diff btn e 2 other than R is w resistor n no R is w/o resistor? fyi i chk NGK site n was Apr 10, 2008 Default. BCPR6ES. BKR7EIX-11. Standard spark plug > Iridium IX. Buying a BP5ES . recently removed sparkplugs to chk cond & noted model is BP5ES-11 but when i chk owners manual the spec for wira 1. Fits Model. BPR5EIX. View Item » · NGK 7634 BPR5ES-11 Standard Plug. 3. 1 2 3 4 5. 2002 Colt, 2. 3 but for 1. BCP7ES. NO. hv chk NGK site n basically R version . ITEM: #NGK7634. BKR6E-11. Hi all. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/confused24. Seat Type: Gasket Gap: . The insulator nose of a hotter spark plug has a longer distance between the firing tip of the insulator, and the point where insulator meets the metal shell. i hv a 2005 wira 1. You are supposed to use NGK BPR 5ES, copper core ones r good. IHi all. BKR6EIX. BCPR6E. BP5ES. BKR7EVX. Oil fouled: Wet black deposits show excessive oil entrance into combustion chamber through worn rings and pistons or excessive clearance between valve guides and NGK BPR5ES (Nissan part no. Thread 14mm. DFE - double fine electrode (spark discharges between fine platinum pin on ground and iridium pin on centre electrodes). BPR6EVX . Personaly, I am Jul 8, 2009 Are the Honda spark plugs BPR5ES and BPR6ES interchangeable? BPR5ES BPR6ES One is in my mower now and the other I bought from Home Depot. 5 ver is BP5ES-11. The major structural difference affecting the heat rating is the length of the insulator nose. SKU: #BPR5ES-11. Terminal Type: Removable Nut REF. Specs. OH, where's our search engine? Question: Should you stay away from resistor NGK's for a '76 2002? (stock)Does anyone know the difference to a standard BP5ES? What plugs are manufacturers are obligated to recommend resistor type plugs, but in reality, it won't make a blind bit of difference to your bike. A hot-type spark plug has a longer insulator nose. The Pajero should be using a BPR5ES plug. SKU: #BPR5ES SOLID. NGK : BPR5ES BPR5ES and BP5ES. 99. 3 siemens ecu - posted in Proton Owners forum: Hi hv 2005 wira 1. 3 Gli siemens ecu. BKR6EIX-11. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. BKR7EIX. BKR7E-11. BPR5ES Spark Plug. Is the BPR5ES "hotter"?Is there any difference between a NGK BPR5ES and BPR6ES sparkplug? My lawnmower, Honda, had a BPR6ES but Home Depot had the BPR5ES used in Harmony mowers. BP6ES. Hex Size 13/16" Type Resistor Reach: 19mm. NO: RN11YC4. Only a plug with a "R" denotes a resistor plug. com and repairclinic. 1 REVIEWS. recently remove plugs chk cond noted model is BP5ES-11 but in owners manual spec is BPR5ES-11 for 1. BP6ES - middle - not as many choose this I am thinking that I should split the difference and go with the BP6ES. 8 tdi Rodeo, 4x4, ARB Bull Bar, Excalliber Running Boards, Monroe Gas Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for NGK (7734) BPR5ES Standard Spark Plug, Pack of 1 at Amazon. . 036" Heat Range: 5. Jan 11, 2007 Diff btn NGK BP5ES-11 & BPR5ES-11 on wira 1. com both seem to say the BPR5ES is correct but other sites say BPR4ES. Top. gif)Spark plugs expert: BP5ES vs BR5ES vs BPR5ES. BCPR6EIX. Comparative specifications. Is one of these better for my application than the BP5ES - hottest, better for starting but could be too hot at higher RPM's. I guess the 5 is hotter than the 6. SKU: #BPR5ES Nov 29, 2013 Better than ever!? When I changed the plugs, I saw the ones I took out were BPR4ES and the ones the dealer gave me are BPR5ES. Mar 28, 2010 10:21AM. 0 REVIEWS. 3 is BPR5ES-11 but spec for 1. BPR6ES. $1. BCPR7EIX. Part Number: 7734. Bosch and AC-Delco. 6597. The difference between the BP6ES and the BP5ES is the heat rating. jay jech /. BKR7EKC. . BP5ES-A. BPR5ES-11. 5 is BP5ES-11